Pop-ups have become a touchpoint of the retail system. From being an innovative way to sell previous season unsold clothing, it entered mainstream to remain.
Nowadays, brands of all types launch pop-up for very diverse reasons, from testing in the market a new product, to get to know better their consumer or test an idea of service. Whatever the reason is, pop-ups have shown to be versatile, the perfect integrating tool for retail strategies. Due to its ephemerality, it has the right appealing to a society that on the one hand is hungry for experiences, on the other hand, lives the so-called FOMO (fear of missing out).

So you might have an idea about the next pop-up you would like to launch. It might be your first or not; either way, there are a lot of things to do! This Canvas comes in to assist you in this situation. Based on the Business Model Canvas, this Pop-up Canvas will guide you step by  step to analyse your concept and what your needs. So you will be sure that you are not missing anything. It will also be a document you can rely on while carrying out the project to launch your pop-up or if you would like to receive the assistance of the Go Pop-Up team, you can use the Pop-up Canvas to show us what you have in mind so that the project can jump-start faster.

Whatever your situation might be, we hope that you find this tool useful! Don’t forget we are always here to assist you!
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